Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Marches On

As you can see, my paycheck hasn't been all coming home as of late... :S lol. I couldn't resist when I saw my cute little Alexis niece in these little outfits! Isn't she a darling baby!

Don't you just love Fall? I do. Today was so beautiful. You can see in the above photo, Kitty is so helpful whenever I need to work at my desk. (You can also see that I need to clean up my desk. lol)

Well I've been busy with work. I feel like the days, weeks and months are flying by.
Here is a photo from one of our recent photo shoots. Who knew this cute little historic farm/reception center was out in the middle of happy valley. I am VERY happy that the weather is cooling off so that I don't get sunburned at the photo shoots anymore. The past 2 have been at places where I could hide out inside thank goodness. My job at the photo shoot is to stay with the clothes and make sure the right kids are in the right outfits at the right times. Sadly, I don't get to see much of the photography happening. But I love photo shoot days all the same. I love working with the little kids.
Here's a picture of my darling niece in her naartjie outfit. Doesn't she look beautiful! I can't stand how fast she's growing up!!! I miss her so much.

Well there really isn't much going on with me right now. I am just keeping my nose above water and trying to learn my job. The past month or two my primary calling has got me longing for children of my own again. It's true that my primary class is a handful at times, but I sure love those little stinkers. I had all sorts of drama going on this Sunday with them. There was a bloody nose, a finger got pinched in the hinge of a chair, a bite of Sculpey clay was chewed up and swallowed and the children insisted on sitting on the floor during class. *sigh* but we survived.

Anyhow, that's what is going on with me. If you want to see the emails I am designing for work, go to the naartjie website and sign up to receive them. The box to put your email in is at the bottom right of the home page. But I warn you... those clothes are cute and most of you will be very tempted to buy things for little people, your own and otherwise! I know from personal experience!!!

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