Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumkins without Excuses

Just a little Halloween fun.

I have to admit... I'm proud of myself. Lol. Never tried teeth before.

Monday, October 26, 2009

What are you going to be for halloween?

Hi guys. Here's a picture I made of a chick dressed up as a butterfly. You likey? lol.

My hands are getting a little better. I'm on a lot of ibuprofen (per dr instructions). Seems like if I go without a dose they go right back and of course typing and doing housework irritates them a bit. Oh well.

What is everyone doing for Halloween? I know those of you with little kids will be busy with them, but does anyone wanna watch a movie at my house afterward? We can eat junk food!!! :D

There's my hopeful plug. Let me know.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh oh boredom!

I am stuck at home. I have no money and no means of going anywhere because of it. No new job interviews or leads. Oh... I am So BORED!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where did everyone go?

So I have blogged a bit and been bored a bit and stuff and no body has commented on my blogs for a while. Did I get boring? Where did you all go???

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't be a Hero

Next time I think about saving a cat from my dog I'm going to remember to cover my face. Here's to another visit to the ER and another handsome ER doctor. .. . One who stitched up the laceration above my eye and said... that was ONE PISSED OFF CAT!!

No really he was just scared to death and trying to get to higher ground. I guess my head looked like a fine place to start.

The whole story is ... I was taking my cats outside to get used to the back yard today. When I was done with that I took them back inside and started cleaning out the litter box. Well Whiskers darted out and so I went to find him. Then the dog came out the back door, saw the cat and chased him all over the yard. Whiskers tried to climb up a really tall tree and got half way up and fell out. I thought he was hurt so I rushed over and picked him up and was rushing him back downstairs and into the house. Well, despite my ordering him to stay put, the dog ran up behind me and jumped on me. He scared the cat to death and the cat scratched me to try to get away and run.

I'm really lucky he didn't get my eye. He came super close! When I rushed inside to see the damage there was blood ALL over my face. It scared me to death. But hey, now I have a built in halloween costume huh.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yard Sale

So today we had a yard sale. :) Happiness. I got rid of some stuff that was cool... but really... I'm a pack rat and so I think it was healthy. lol.

Well my friends, I miss you all. I'm kinda bored lately and I wanna hear what you're up to. Still cant type much because of my goofed up wrists/fingers/ whatevers.

Okay. Hope to hear from you soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Niece

Isn't she so pretty! This is Alexis Kay Moulton. She's my new niece. She was born on 10/6/09 at 6:25 or so and weighed 6 lbs and some ounces that I don't remember and she's like 20 inches long. (you can tell I'm not good at this detail thing) lol.

Time for a second opinion?

So the pain in my hands is bad again today. My right hand feels pretty useless. I went in to the chiropractor again today and had him do the adjustment. It just doesn't feel much different at all though.

I am thinking it's time for a second opinion. I've been trying to be careful about using my hands too much. :( Its frustrating. I can't do much of anything that doesn't irritate them. I guess it's more ibuprofen and ice packs for now. I probably need an MRI to see whats wrong for sure. But I think those cost thousands of dollars and here I am, not able to work on any consistent basis.

SIGH!!! Thanks for letting me vent! I am WELL aware that there are many many people who have it SO much worse than me. But thanks for letting me whine a little.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photo Shoot and Flat Light

Went up the canyon Saturday Morning. It was so gray outside. I've decided that the only thing to do with flat light is to blow the saturation way way WAY up and dink around with contrast. At least for fall color shots. Sunshine would have been much more fun.

I'm taking a photo class and this was our little field trip. Too bad we didn't go last weekend. I think we'd've had much better light.

Hands still numb/tingly. Kind of sad about it. Anyway, I'll talk to you more soon.