Monday, April 25, 2011

My first welding project

Here's my latest project completed. I am having so much fun with welding! I love community education classes. Look at all the cool stuff I am learning. My goofy quail needs a name. I'm pretty sure it's a boy, so let me know what you think I should call him. Maybe Ernie? I don't know.

About Gregary: he's great, amazing, wonderful, funny and all that good stuff. He's 33, lives & works in Roy. He manufactures window frames and other things for a steel company up there. Ummm... what else do ya want to know? He's tall and handsome and tender & sweet. He loves sports and cars and movies (and me. *giggle*). We met online & went to the Gateway for our first date. He has the greatest laugh. It is contagious.

Anyway, if you want to know more about him, you'll just have to ask me. :) Trust me, I could talk about him all day. Alas, I have to go to bed.

Love you all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Constructive Criticism"

I'm a bit bugged today by one of my over opinionated co-workers. She just got divorced... actually it's not final yet, but she is dating like a fiend... Anyway, she has decided that she needs to give me advice about why I am not dating or married.

She sent me a series of skype messages today at work with a disclaimer that she was giving constructive criticism. She told me how I dress ugly and that I don't do my hair nice and my make up habits are terrible. I did not solicit this advice! I am aware that I don't look my best this past year or two... I'm just trying to survive. My self esteem is, its true, at one of it's lowest points ever, but that doesn't mean you have to reinforce my negative beliefs. Yes, I am the only one who can change it, but you don't need to make that harder for me than it needs to be. Aarg!

She made me feel like I look like this
or like this:
I'm trying to just shake it off my shoulders and know that this is just her personality and the way she expresses herself. There are many people out there who take it upon themselves to tell everyone else what they're doing wrong. I know she means no harm... it's just hurtful and I needed to vent.

Here's what I look like for real. Yes, I removed (photoshoped) 3 stupid zits. My face has been breaking out non stop for the past 5 years. Anyway, there you go. I needed to vent for a sec.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I love springtime

:) Sorry I've been absent from blogger world for a while. I love the spring time and keep finding myself interested in learning NEW things and so I keep enrolling in classes that take up all my time after work. It's good. :) I've only been to welding once, and I have to say it was intimidating... and enthralling all at the same time! Imagine the possibilities when you can "glue" metal together! My imagination soars... my wallet whimpers! lol. Oh student loans... I will pay you off... but I am going to make some awesome yard art too.

Other than that, life is just moving along. I have been trying SO hard since I got my job to just function. Each week feels like a battle to survive. And I have to tell myself like Stephanie did a while back... "I can do hard things". I keep saying that in my head.

I've made some new books, but alas, I have lost my SD card along with my ipod AGAIN! This time it is not the cat's fault. I have no idea where they are. :-/ It makes me nervous! But hopefully they will come home soon and I can take pictures of my books and welded stuff to post for you here. :)

Well I've got to gather up all my things and take them over to my other home so I'll be ready for work this week. Talk to you all hopefully sooner!

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