Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SD card recovered!

How could anyone resist that little face?!!

Chicken on the keyboard makes for productive work day! ;)

Since St. Patty's day is next and not easter... but I couldn't wait... The chickens are adorning the fake clover plant I put on my desk.

Yay water marbles! Joanns fabric and craft store has got a little bit more of my money... again. sigh.
This tiny little bag held a ton of the tiny, dried out water marbles. It was full about to where my thumb is in the picture.
I thought they would all fit into this lovely little vase... So I dumped them in, poured in the distilled water and went into the other room to watch t.v.
I came back and...
Yeah... they filled up this whole huge bowl plus a vase on my desk at work. They are absolutely intriguing... Every time I walk by them I just HAVE to stick my hand in there and play with them. They feel so strange and they're bouncy and blue!
See... look how fun they are!

I need to be stopped. Look at all this stuff I got from the craft stores. I am pretty sure that my coworkers think I'm NUTS! My desk is littered with ... ... . . . cuteness!

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