Friday, July 25, 2008

Furball with teeth

Look at this darling little animal. Doesn't he look soft and sweet and cuddly? Sure. From the picture perhaps. I've been babysitting him this week while my mother has been working and running errands. I have holes in my hands from where he had bitten me (playing but too hard). I have 3 spots in the living room drying where I have finished cleaning up 2 poop stains and 1 urine stain - and to top it all off, I have a small bald spot on the back of my head now because he thought my hair looked like a fantastic tug-of-war toy.

Despite all this, I love the little whelp! He is so cute! He will come up and snuggle by you after he has finished ripping off your flesh and he always gives me the cutest looks! I spoiled him tonight by feeding him a bite of my steak. lol.

Anyway, I've got to be off now. I will hopefully bring you some entertaining news soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Sometimes I feel like the BIGGEST clutz on the planet. I was trying to rent a bike yesterday from school. They let you rent them out for a semester. Well I was renting one for the rest of the summer semester (one month). First of all... I guess I was dehydrated or something because I passed out in their office while filling out paper work to rent the bike. THEN after I had recovered from the embarrassment of that, they gave me my bike and the seat was just barely too high for me so when I was getting on the seat and trying to ride away I almost fell over and THEN my purse got tangled up under the front wheel! All of this happening while the frightened bike mechanics looked on.

It's days like today that I think I should invest in a paper bag to put over my head to wear at all times. But hey, now I have a bike to ride around a bit.

By the by, MANY of you have not called me to give me your phone numbers back. What is this? are you avoiding me??? lol. Jk. Hope to hear from you soon. (Stephanie and Apryle, this means you. :D)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good bye to my Pink Cell phone

Oh sadness!!!
Today the world has lost a selfless creation. A creation that did nothing but serve others. A thing that brought people who hadn't talked in a great long while together at last. Yes, It is true, My cell phone drowned in a tragic accident today involving a porcelain toilet bowl full of clean water. (At least it got to die in a SOMEWHAT dignified manner... at least there was nothing IN the toilet yet!). Without warning around 2 p.m. today my little pink Razor phone took a fatal leap into the potty. I loved my pink phone. It was a limited edition.
I have no toddlers to blame. Only myself for being careless. May it rest in peace.

I had to go and get a new phone. But the addresses and phone numbers were irretrievable and so, if you all would be so kind as to text me your phone numbers again or call me. The number is still the same. Then I can start re-building my address book.

Thank you for your condolences. Please, no gifts... well unless they're for me. :D (Just kidding!!!) I hope to talk to you all again soon!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Hi Everyone!
I made it home! Yea! I have to say, 29 hours of travel can really take it out of a girl!!! Especially when there are noisy and unhappy children on board your 9 hour flight across the ocean! lol. But Oh... it was SO worth the travel to see Switzerland!

I feel really bad, but I ate almost all the chocolate I was bringing home for people. :( I am dreadfully sorry. Chocolate is such a weakness with me! You should have seen me 3 or 4 days ago. I had just gotten back from a day trip to Vevey and I had a chocolate bar in my backpack that I had only eaten like 2 squares off of. Well... everyone was taking a nap but me. My chocolate was melted because it is hot in Switzerland... but... um... I wanted it anyway. so melty and all I started eating it as fast as I could hoping I could get it done before my roommates woke up.

Right when I had thoroughly covered my fingers, hands and yes... face, in chocolate - as if on cue - they all woke up and looked at me like I was a crazy person! Lol. It was pretty embarrassing.

Thankfully, I found out that they make my favorite chocolate over here in the USA too. It's the Lindt brand. But I have never seen it in candy bar form here... only in the truffles. mmmmm.... truffles! Anyway, you are probably mad that I ate the chocolate I was going to give to you, so before you throw something hard at your computer screen and scream obscinities with my name attached to them, I suppose you better go to another website! I am sorry, and I will try to make it up to you someday!