Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Bout done me in!"

Wow. The children in Primary today were rambunctious. I only had 3 in my class and they were just usual (a little bit rowdy but not horribly disruptive). Pretty much all of the older boys in the other classes though decided that today was a great day to yell their brains out during sharing time. Which naturally made my class think that was a good idea too.

Oh my head hurts!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Southern Fun

I'm back from Alabama! Had a great time. It's past midnight so I'm not going to bother to re-organize these photos into their right order right now. I need a few Z's. I've got an interview in the morning. Yay!

Anyway, most likely I'll re-caption this post sometime very soon and fill y'all in on the rest of the story! Till then... Love ya! and you can think of your own captions! Share them in the comment section! :D

This fish had to go home and cry himself to sleep on his soggy little fishy pillow after the verbal abuse he received from Josh! (lol. Kiddin')

Look at these super tall trees! I love how they don't have any branches and then suddenly at the top... poof! Tree! Lodge...POLE! (as I used to tease Tink).

Uh oh, one of the monkey's got out!

Inside that tiny head are the secrets to the universe! You can see it in his eye!

Josh: Why is that rock tilted?
Me (or andrea... I can't remember which): That's the one that a dinosaur stepped on and said... Oops! Not stable!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun in Sunday School

This week in Primary I was teaching about the birth of our Savior. I wanted the little ones to have fun and enjoy the story so I told them that we were going to be the shepherds in the fields watching our sheep, etc... you know the rest of the story.

Well, I decided that I would make a sheep for each of the kiddos to "watch over". Ha ha ha! Look what happened...

Sheep #1's head was so heavy he fell over on it repeatedly.

Sheep #2 couldn't stand up because his legs didn't stick into him far enough. ...and he kind of looks like a messed up buffalo...

And finally.... Thanks to my mother's brilliant ideas...

Here is what I went with in the end. We had a whole herd of them. I let the kids take one home each. :)

I think Ma and I had as much fun making them as the children did playing with them. LOL.

Poor little deformed sheep. :(

Also, I've been out to Farmington bay a few times in the past month. The first time was SO cold! We were going out to look for the bald eagles that hang out here in the spring.

All we saw on our first trip was a crane from far far away.

Our second trip was a little more fruitful. It's warm this year and the birds don't come in very close to the shore, so all my pics are from a million miles away, but it was fun none-the-less.

We took Buddy with us this time. It was fun. I think he enjoyed himself; running and sniffing and marking everything he could. I don't know how dogs save enough pee to do that!!

Anyway, I'm off to ALABAMA for the week! So you all have a fabulous time here! I hope you'll comment on my blog while I'm away. I'm a lonely little hermit girl stuck in the recession and I check my blog and email and facebook WAY too much just hoping someone has commented!

Love ya'll... Sorry for the shameless begging for comments!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pizza Partae

So after our fancy Nancy party on Friday Shari invited me to bring my nephews to Chuckee Cheese's for dinner and some loud kid fun. We had a blast! I just LOVE taking my nephews places with rides. Oh their little faces just say it all. It was the best!

Right when we got there... Kids: "can we PLEASE have some tokens!!! Oh please oh please oh please!"

Me: "We have to wait for everyone to get here and for me to order the food. Besides I want a good picture of you boys. Smile for the camera!"

The result..."NOW can we have some tokens?!!?!!!"

One of the first rides.

Here's me with Shari and the other ladies who helped with the party.

I think the last picture pretty much sums it up.

Happy Chocolate covered face! And they actually went to bed pretty well afterward! lol. I told them that they needed to be good when we got home so their mom would let us go again sometime. :)

Fancy Nancy part II

Here's a few fun pictures from my fun weekend. Those little kids were so much fun to hang out with. The little girls were pretending to be Queen Bees sipping from their flower cups at the table. The girl holding on her crown was saying, "everyone who isn't wearing a crown is a BOY! ha ha ha ha ha!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party

I had the best time on Friday! My friend Shari invited me up to her house to help her and a few other ladies give her daughter a "Fancy Nancy" party. In case you are like me and didn't already know, fancy Nancy is a character in a childrens book. She likes to have everything fancy.

Shari had her house decorated SO cute! all full of pink balloons and feather boas. The little girls got to dress up all fancy and get to have their hair, nails and make up done. Shari made each girl a tu-tu and a tiara. Lol. Of course she explained to the children that they could only use make up and finger nail paint for dress up times.

Anyway, the girls got to have ice cream and brownies and then Shari's daughter got to open her presents. After the party Shari invited me to bring my two nephews over to Chuckee Cheese's pizza place and enjoy an after party. I'm pretty sure that Bryce and Hyrum just about burst with excitement for getting to go to such a cool dinner place. I think it was just as much fun for me to take them as it was for them to go. Oh I love spoiling little kids! :)

I'll post some pictures of this event real soon. I just don't have time right now.

At any rate, it has been sealed in my brain now that I MUST have a daughter! Therefore I am not giving up dating just yet. :) lol.

Well my cat is fussing that I'm not paying him enough attention, so I better go.

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