Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop the World... I wanna get off!

I love my kitteh!

My goodness! How time is flying! I have been wanting to blog for several weeks now. Even tonight's blog will have to be super short. I had to do some checkbook (or rather, debit card) reconciling today as I have been putting it off for far too long.

Anyway, things are going okay here. I'm still house sitting. I've enjoyed it a lot. It's close to work, there's lots of windows to provide sunlight and 2 cats that love me. :) Only one drawback is the cost of providing one's own food. Now don't roll your eyes at me! I know you've all been providing your own food for the better part of the last 10 years if not much longer than that. But if you go a year of eating whatever is available for free and then get thrown back into the mix of it... you too might feel sticker shock! *wink*

I'm excited for my company. Having my office right next to the CEO's, I get to hear them planning and dreaming and strategizing. Our company is doing well right now. We've been growing steadily and that's really saying something in this economy. :) Yet we can not grow fast enough for our enthusiastic customers. They write on our facebook page all the time asking us to bring a new store to their town. I don't know what all goes into being able to open stores but I sure know there are people out there who want them bad.

Very soon I may be learning how to do more of the marketing for Facebook and Linkshare and Twitter and others. Social network marketing is a very important part of the marketing puzzle. I sound like I'm trying to sell something, but I really am excited to be involved in such a modern marketing movement.

Also, I got to have my little niece in the last photo shoot. She'll be in the next catalog and if I'm not mistaken, they liked her so much that they're going to use her for one of the department posters in all the stores.

Darn it! I am out of time. I feel like time is a ball on the end of a string and some kid is swinging it around in circles so fast that you can't even see it! Sigh. Time for bed!