Sunday, January 31, 2010

I thought I'd share this

I really love this little video. Brother Wirthlin has a special place in my heart.

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Love you all,


Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Red Things ... finally.

I was tagged by Care.

There are TWO rules to this:

#1. Post photos of 7 red things in your house
#2. Tag 7 people to do the same

It took me a while to get started on this. Care said, "I know you'll come up with something
creative." lol. I thought... Crap! I have to think of something that other people will think is creative!!

Ha ha. Now that I finally got over that... here you go;

I am madly in love with these curtains in my room. My sister got them for me when I moved into my new apartment at school and I have incorporated them into my decor since I moved.

Next we have the CTU or "Cat-Training-Unit". A must have for the early days of cat ownership. Don't get me wrong, I am not cruel to my kitties. All the websites and books I read suggest that I should use a tiny discreet spray to discourage kitty when he tries to get into my plants or up on my counter tops.

And here we have a fond reminder of my youth. Ah yes, the chicken on top of the car and the police report of abuse to a plush animal. Good times! Thanks Care for finding this little treasure for me. The munchkins love to play with it when they come over.

Item number four: Mister Squeaky. A favorite toy of my dog. When he isn't begging for your dinner, investigating a cat or snoozing in the hall, Doggy is always bringing you a toy to make sure that you get in your daily recommended dose of play time.

This happy little magnet is on my fridge reminding me daily of my current income level for the year. :( Dang, dang dang! But not to worry... I am freelancing for a friend and may have some leads very soon!!! :D

If not for this one, I am not sure I would survive January. Its my trusty hot cocoa mug! You'll notice that it comes complete with steaming delicious beverage. I am so grateful for the invention of chocolate. I have to medicate myself with it frequently!

And finally... This is how I feel after the chocolate medication... (fat and happy!) LOL. Kidding. This one may have been cheating... but it does have red berries in its "hair".

Okay, I hope that was creative enough that you aren't checking off another thing on your list that wasted some moments of your life. ;)

I tag Andrea, Elisa, Apryle, Stephanie, Amber, Lisa and HeidiB. I am helping you out by saying that you can do BORING stuff... lol. Not that it really was a big deal, but I just am prone to freaking out over the slightest things. Yay me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

No Sleep

Ha ha. This is how I feel right now. I couldn't sleep last night (thank you Heidi for drinking a MT Dew at 11:30 pm.) So I am all sorts of silly/giddy/ etc.

Give me 1 more hour and I bet I'll turn into a grump-a-soar. lol. Well I'll see ya later.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is it too much to ask???

WARNING: I am venting. I am not waging war or declaring intent to change the world. Just venting.

Is it really too much to ask that someone who's meeting you for the first time make the tiniest investment in creativity to ask you to do something besides... come visit at his house?

I have had it with this dating era! FIRST of all... I don't know anywhere else to meet new guys but online. Heaven knows there aren't any single men within ten years of my age range in my ward. I tried the singles ward and it too was void of potential... mostly 22 year olds. I don't work, and my married friends have said they don't really know anyone. So I'm left with the internet dating. FINE.

What is annoying me so much is that recently I can't find a guy online who will actually ask me out on a DATE. Nope. They won't even come over and pick me up to meet them. It's always, "why don't you drive out here to see me Heidi?" "Don't you want to come over and cuddle with me Heidi?" "Come over and 'hang out' with me Heidi." Come on!
Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cuddling, driving to see someone or even hanging out once in a while, but for Pete's sake, does it have to be the ONLY thing you can think of to do on a first date! And why couldn't they get in their car to come and see ME??? Am I the only one with a working vehicle? There's a bus...

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but sitting around watching an un-showered, un-groomed man playing video games is not my idea of a good time.
I understand that the economy sucks. I understand men don't want to make a huge (one date's worth) financial investment in a woman that they aren't sure they even like yet. I'm even okay with all of that. So what about a cheap or free activity???

I'm asking you, Where is the creativity? I don't mean that we should aim for the marathon dates of days past in high school where you had to plan for weeks to find some cutesy way to ask someone out with some sort of irritating poem attached to a a shred of paper mixed into a big box full of blank shreds of paper. That would annoy me just as much.

What I was hoping is that a single man might have enough brain cells to rub together that he could think of something cheep or even free to do. An activity that doesn't involve his couch!

I have some ideas... How about a snowball fight, or sledding or making a snow man.
What about playing a board game and eating a bag of chips.
There's always the traditional "go for a walk idea."
And truth be told, there are plenty of art exhibits in the city that are cheap if not free to visit.
If he's not sure how much time he wants to spend with me, (for instance, if he meets me and instantly decides I'm not his type) Then there is always inviting me to meet him for a cup of hot chocolate. It's cheap, and if he has me meet him somewhere to get it he doesn't even have to drive me home afterwards. Brilliant.
But no. I am bombarded with suitors who only want to get physical. They're not interested in finding out if I might have so much more to offer than that alone. SIGH....
I'm going to go drink a cup of hot chocolate... by myself.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got a little carried away with the bright colors...

So I've been in that deep dark winter blues place for a week or more and this morning I felt the need to escape from all that so I made it Easter-bunny-bright springtime on my blog.

What do you think? A little over the top? ;) Yeah, I think so. I may have to change it back pretty soon. Don't know if my retinas can handle the glare. And if I am struggling with it, I'd imagine you are too!

Well friends, I am ready for some warmer weather. I am ready for some clear blue skies and the smell of fresh wet soil and the sight of all the baby green plants poking up to breathe in the goodness of spring. I think the weather man said that we're just past the halfway point of winter. This is my regular weather man.
So I guess we've got a ways to go. None the less... We can dream. Anyhow... While we're all dreaming, I suppose I should get back to preparing my lesson for the CTR 4 class today. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Blogging from my cool new phone

Check it out!! I can blog from my phone! Thank you Santa for the awesome Christmas gift! I guess it wont let me do photos from here, but it is still pretty nifty.