Friday, May 30, 2008

Almost Ready

Hi. I am just about ready for my trip to Switzerland. I think getting me to pack for this has been like trying to pull teeth out of a mule! I don't know why... I just can't decide what to pack and what not to pack. But hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

I've been working on a drawing or two for the illustration class we'll be having over there. So far, my landscapes leave something for desiring... but here's one I did of My parent's front yard.Let me know if any of you recognize this picture. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pretty Much Awesome

Oh... Friends I am getting SO excited and nervous about this trip!!! Ha ha! I loved this illustration of "swiss cows" doing... what is that? Yoga???? Lol. I don't know. Anyway, thank you all for the birthday wishes!

I'm off to spend money that I have yet to earn!!! My brain is stressing out and I have to keep repeating to myself that school is a worthy cause for spending money I have yet to earn. OH it scares me though!!! Okay, I better go get it done.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

7 days to go!!!

Well everyone, 
There are only 7 days left until I am leaving for Switzerland. I am so excited!! Actually, we could say it's only 6 more days because today is almost over and we're leaving early early on the 1st. 

I had a nice birthday. Maytag and his family made me a very nice dinner and a MOST DELICIOUS carrot cake ever. Donna (Maytag's mom) made these carrots for dinner that I tried and would you believe it... I actually liked them! A lot!!! lol. For those of you who don't know, carrots have been my arch nemesis for these past 25 years. (I can't remember if I liked them when I was little). Anyway, they were soaked in butter and that seemed to make them oh so palatable. :)

But I have had a long day and my head is sleepy now, so I'm going to put myself into bed. I hope you all are doing fantastic! I'll talk to you later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Its raining, its pouring, and Heidi is snoring

Well there isn't much going on with  me today. But I am kinda bored so I thought I'd blog a little. Its pretty sopping wet outside but I made myself walk up to campus to drop my computer off at the "fix your stupid computer center." Yep. Mine is being dumb. So now it is at the doctor being looked at and I am using the lab computer.

Well I called Maytag last night and explained my frustrations about having to actually make an appointment to see him or talk to him. I cried like a little girl. Sigh. weakness. GRRRR! But he was very nice and listened to everything I had to say before he responded. 

I was quite pleasantly surprised by this, as he sometimes gets defensive. The man has a voice and a way about him like rich, dark, deep, decadent, sweet milk chocolate. I am excited again to see him on Saturday. My birthday is on Sunday and I wanted to be out with someone not only attractive, but who I feel real comfortable with and valuable to. I wasn't feeling that way before and thats why I called him to complain about it. 

He says in words that I am important to him and that he values me... sometimes I don't see it in his actions. I told him to show me, not tell me. He said he's a writer, not an actor. I am not sure if he understood what I meant.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little update

Well the date last night was alright. I didn't find much in common with the guy (Shane) and I didn't find him attractive, but he was polite and the food was excellent and I loved the movie.

We went to Applebee's, where I had my usual (yes, Apryle I did it again. :P) Fiesta Lime Chicken. OH!!! So yummy. I love that stuff. I ate ALL of it... again (Ape). lol.

Then we went and saw that new movie "Iron Man." I liked it a lot. My date did not. He said he's not into that kind of movie. I am not sure what kind of movie he is into other than the other one he brought along which was some production that came out of Provo. I am not into those usually. Thankfully after Iron Man was over so was my date. :)

Anyway, as expected, no sparks. Also as expected, his picture online is from way before he gained all that weight. *I shake my head* If I am going to put up current pictures that include all the weight I have gained in the past 6 years then I expect the guys to do the same! Very few of them actually put up a current picture. Le sigh.

I sound SO shallow and rude. Maybe I don't deserve to go out with nice people if I am going to be such a booger head! I guess I just feel slightly mislead when someone doesn't put up a picture of what they really look like. I wouldn't have said no to any of the dates having had the current picture. It's just that it stresses me out not knowing if the person standing on my doorstep is really my date or someones brother looking for the next apartment down. Know what I mean.

Well, Daniel looks like the pictures he's got posted. And Porter is even better than the pictures he posted and if we want to go way back, Justin actually looked like the pictures that he had posted back in the day... but everyone else... Not so much.
I am going to put up this zit-laden, belly-roll-showin, picture and see if anyone still asks me out! HA! That'd be funny!

BUT... In other news, only 2 weeks left until I leave the country!! I am so excited and nervous!!! I can't wait to see the Alps. I think that is one of the most alluring parts about this trip. It's the Alps, the castles, the lakes, and the cow fights. Yep. Cows. :D (And I suppose it goes without saying... but of COURSE the chocolate and cheese. Not together.)

Friday, May 16, 2008

They see right through your make up!

Tonight has got to be the most beautiful night I've seen in a long long while. I absolutely LOVE summer nights! In fact, this entire day was just picture perfect. Even despite my grumpiness earlier! :)

BOTH of my nephews noticed my "owies" (zits) today when I went to visit Elisa. lol. I swear, it doesn't matter how much foundation you put on or how cleverly you try to hide them, children can see right through your make up! Oh well.
Okay. Now I am really going to try to do something on my list of things I was supposed to do today. :) See you all later.

Dates Cancelled - hopes dashed

Ha ha. I am kidding about the hopes dashed thing. They were dashed a LONG time ago! ;)

Yeah, so the whole week of dating pretty much fell through. I still have a date for tomorrow night with Shane. Shane makes me kinda nervous. I don't think he's dated much and he seems kinda controlling. We'll see though.
True to form, Kelly got right up to the moment where the date was actually supposed to take place and decided he had better things to do. That's alright. Kelly is the one who on our first date asked me if I'd like to get a room with him. *rolling my eyes!* I mean really! Is this all that is left out there? COME ON!!!
Neither Thad nor Porter has called me back. (I am just thinking about that "neither/nor" clause I just used. Wondering if I remembered from my English class of last semester how to use the preposition correctly!! How LAME am I?)

AND to top all of this off, my face is breaking out like crazy and I've gained 4 pounds!!! Grrr!

Complain complain complain! Let me tell you what is good about today though: Today, though I miss Justin, I remember a characteristic about him that I never could have lived with. He didn't like to communicate well. He would tell you only part of something when you needed to know all of it to really understand the whole situation. It annoys me when people wont be up front with me. It just makes it much easier.
Another good thing about today; Daniel laughed at my jokes while I was on the phone with him. He had a headache and I only got to talk to him for 6 minutes, but at least he was sweet. :)
Brandon called me and told me I was beautiful.

You probably wonder who all these crazy guys are huh. I wonder that myself sometimes. They're just people I have met chatting online.
I like chatting online. but I get awful tired of it always getting down to the guy asking something along the lines of "are you going to be good in bed? Are you going to want sex at least once every day?" Etc etc etc. Sigh. Of course I'm going to want sex. But do we have to talk about that every time we talk? It makes me feel cheap and like that's all I'm good for. Butt head boys! Can't I keep your attention in any other way?????? COME ON!
Okay, well that is way more than enough from me today. Probably WAY more than any of you wanted to read, but its my blog and gosh dang it, every now and again I need to express myself!
Love ya!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More fun with Poptropica

Hi. I've been playing around making some more stuff for Poptropica today. Stephanie asked me what Poptropica is, and I may as well tell everyone since I don't think all of you know. It's a kids game. Its made for young kids but I like playing it as well.

You should check it out at

It was created by Pearson Education and some of the designers work here in Logan. They wanted to give us students a chance to see what it is like to illustrate for them so they offered a class this past semester. They're extending the class through the summer.
I am loving it because now I finally have enough time to work on illustrations for it. Here's a few more from today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Education and illness

Well it appears that illness and education have thwarted my plans for a pleasant evening out with Mister Tuesday. Le sigh. Oh well. He said he didn't feel good tonight. But all is not lost, I am working hard on some stuff for school and he said he would try to call and see if he feels better on Thursday.

Here's a picture of two of the characters I am working on designing for Poptropica. Let me know what you think.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Green Canyon

Well I guess I can be super surprised and scold myself for being a negative Nelly. I had a really fun time on tonight's date with Porter. This picture doesn't even do the guy justice. He's way way good looking! This picture is okay, but in person is better.

It turned out that we couldn't go to the Demolition Derby because of all the rain we've had recently so instead he took me on a picnic up in Green Canyon, which I had not previously been to. Its a fun little canyon. We had sandwiches and chips.

We went on a walk and kinda got to know each other. He's really quiet, that made me kinda nervous cuz I am really kinda quiet too sometimes but when I get nervous I talk too much. So I hope I didn't talk too much.

He did put his arm around me, so I guess my talking so much can't have been too terrible. lol. *tee hee* (Girly aside; He put his arm around me... and he held my hand when it got cold. Giggle.) Okay Okay! Enough girlishness.

Yeah, so I had a fun time. He asked me out again for next week. Interesting. I already have 4 dates for next week. I tell ya, when it rains it pours! Crap! I hope I remember which days and times all of these are!

The next one is with Thad. I've never met someone named Thad before. I wonder if that is short for something. He's from Nibley. He rides horses. Pretty cute from his picture huh. He talks real slow on the phone. He's taking me to dinner on ... um... Tuesday. Crap. I think it was Tuesday... He says he's super active. I assume he means physically, but you never know... I guess he could be talking about church and stuff. We'll see.

Anyways, I am glad I had a fun time tonight. Sure wish I could tell what he thought of me. He's hard to read. hmmmm.... What do you think? I was pretty sure the hand holding thing was a good sign. And he didn't try anything more, so that was a better sign. :)

Do you think I should have not let him hold my hand? I never know. Its like I have no social skills to know whats appropriate at what time and all. Because I don't want to seem easy, but I also don't want to seem stiff either. hmmm. I did want to hold his hand because he's cute and yes, I was cold. I guess its all good. I don't know.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Online Dating

Well I was at it again tonight. I guess we could say "last night" seeing as it is now Saturday morining. I've been chatting away with several guys online. I found 2 nice ones and 3 really not great ones. I'm going out with one Tonight and I'll be going out with a different one in a week. And yes, even another one sometime mid next week. Crazy.

I guess Maytag would be proud of me. I don't know if I'm proud of me though. I kinda wish he had time to ask me out. I don't know if I am all that interested in any of the 3 guys that asked me out. But I thought I should give them a chance in person anyway. But then if I STILL don't find them more interesting, will they demand more? lame. I should go to bed. I am friggin tired. Its almost time to get up and I am just going to bed. great.
Single life is just awesome. (note the sarcasm in that sentence.)

GHAL! What a grump! You should all send me hate mail and tell me not to be such a grouch!

Love ya! Talk to you more later and stuff.

Monday, May 5, 2008

French Fries are MINE

Hi. Today was the first day of summer class. I kinda struggled to learn my camera. I have read parts of the manual and I thought that I was understanding it, but I when I went to put it into practice, I couldn't get my camera to do what I wanted. :(

I'm kinda sad tonight. I guess just lonley. I was thinking how I just wanted someone to be around. I have lots of awesome friends... Just none that are available to hang out except once every great long while. I miss my friends.

I went for a walk and tried taking some more photos.

They were alright.... Still can't get the camera to do what I want. I hope I start to get it soon. I really want to get good photos in Switzerland.

I finally was so sick of being in the house that I just went and got myself some fries and a burger. and now I'm all zoned out with the movie "field of dreams." Anyways, enough of my rambling. I'll write again when I'm not distracted by a movie.