Reception Date Set

Well things are starting to come together with all our moving and such. We've decided to have our reception on the 24th of September here in Bountiful. Invitations to follow.

Here's a photo of my silly family. Thought you'd all like that. :)


Care said…
Hee hee! Cute photo!

Moving? As in where you live, or as in when the reception is? Please 'splain!

Looking forward to your reception. You guys are great. :o)
Ether8 said…
Oh, how I wish I could be there! I'm glad you decided to have a reception. It'll be such fun! I've been curious where you and Greg will end up living and stuff. I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon month!
Kevin said…
love the picture!!!
can't wait to get the invite :)

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