I've been feeling SO busy... just like this little fur ball... but never seem to get caught up. Welcome to life I guess huh! Well things are going good in the Bountiful Barber residence. We are ever constantly trying to shake things into the corners and re-organize stuff so it fits.

In case I didn't tell you, we are living in the basement of the "Rents" house. We want to get a down payment saved up for a house while rates are so ridiculously low. Anyhow... I'm at work right now and can't "waste" time... So I better get back to it. :)


Stephanie said…
Hi! I'm glad for the update. Cory's and my first apartment was a basement apartment, too, and we have such fond memories of those times! Sadly, we STILL do not own a home. I'm sure you'll beat us to it. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and get to take a break from your busy life! Love you!


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