Sunday, June 26, 2011

Surprise! Heidi's getting married sooner.

Hi Everyone!
I only have a few minutes to tell you all this... But I am getting married! Not only that... but it is happening SOON!!!
My sister Andrea and her family are in town from Alabama and will be leaving in a few weeks. After considering the cost to get them back out here and knowing that I would be devastated if they were not here, Greg and I decided to have our civil ceremony performed before they fly out.

SO... I'm getting married on July 11 sometime between 3 and 10 pm. lol. (that's how long I could rent the building for.)
We're not having a reception that night because we haven't had time to plan it. We only decided on this Thursday afternoon so we've been in a whirlwind of planning. Don't you fret though we'll have one a month or two later.

Anyway, I have about a million things I've got to be working on right this minute. I'll get back to you all with details. :)


Care said...

can't wait to hear more details!!


Stephanie said...

That is the BEST news EVER!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I'll try and schedule a babysitter ASAP! I guess this wouldn't be a good time to try and get together with you and Greg, then, with a wedding coming up so soon and all... Do ya'all have plans for a honeymoon? Oh, I'm just going to give you a call in the next day or two because we have so much to talk about... *giggle* (Are you DYING of excitement?)

Apryle Moss said...

Yay Heidi I am so excited for you. I hope you will invite me to come. I would love to be there. I am so so happy for you. Remember all the things we talked about when I was engaged. I hope we can all get together and do something. Take care and good luck with all the planning of everything. Love Ya and have fun.

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