Another Week, Another Almost Burst Eardrum

I thought flu shots were supposed to prevent the flu! Well I guess old man winter had to have one more hurrah. I have the flu this week. Tonight my ear started hurting so bad I had to go to insta care. There they informed me that it indeed is infected and would burst if we don't get some antibiotics in there asap.

I feel like these guys are all in there at once hopping up and down on a very sore ear! Lol.

Actually, I just found that pic while browsing tonight & had to have it.

So here's what I think... I think I have NO idea what to think. I've had my mind made up for a week or two or three now that I hate being a graphic designer & I'm pretty lousy at it to boot. Then I go in today to work and think about how awesome my job is. I get to design Big-A posters for the stores, design all the shopping bags, gift cards & gift boxes, new web pages every week with new email campaigns to match & every once in a while I get to design a giant billboard sized image to go in front of the new stores while they build them. Pretty freaking awesome.
The drawback: it's pretty freaking stressful & I let it take over my entire life. (conclusion: too much stress = almost burst eardrums)
I was in the pits the other day thinking that my entire degree & all the many years & many crushing student loans I took to get it were all a huge waste... I resolved to give my notice & find a suitable receptionist job or something like that instead. But today, I can't face giving up the beautiful design job.
Thoughts anyone?
I'm on pain medication right now so I am open to ALL sorts of ideas! ha!


Stephanie said…
Ouch, Heidi! Earaches are SO painful. I, Dr. Stephanie, advice lots and lots of rest. And not to make any really big decisions until you're healthy again!

You remember how I worked at a Garden Center for so many years, right? Well, I remember my boss there (whom I totally adore!) telling me once that if I didn't do some kind of landscaping or work on the side once I got married, I would be wasting my education. I loved that woman almost like a second mother (and still love her to this day!) but totally disagree with her statement.

I have never for a moment felt like my degree is a waste. And you won't, either, even if you choose to do something else with your time and not spend every waking moment "using" your degree by working in that particular career field.

Some things I learned while obtaining my college degree were hard work, determination, and self-discipline. And I learned a ton about plants! I'm not a great gardener by any means, but I still use some of the skills I learned in skill as I TRY to grow herbs and vegetables in containers. (Oh, to have a real garden again!)

Your talent and education can be used in so many ways, Heidi, and will never go to waste--I promise! Follow your heart, and follow the Spirit, and you can never go wrong! Love ya! And hope you get better soon!

I know, I know... all I ever do is preach... I drive myself nuts sometimes...
Stephanie said…
Obviously I didn't study English in college. I meant to write "advise" and not "advice." Duh.
Apryle Moss said…
Heidi I hope you are feeling better. I have not been into blogging for awhile and haven't even gotten on to check on my wonderful friends. On one of your blogs about being a stay at home mom. I don't always think it is all it is cracked up to be, but that is only when I am in one of those moods. I have worked part time being a mom and finding babysitters and taking time off for this or that is hard. I love being able to take my kids to school and pick them up I don't always love helping with homework and practicing piano, but we do our best. Some days to be honest I wish I could go back to work not for the money, but so I can talk to some adults once in awhile. I wouldn't change being a stay at home mom for anything. Svanna has a friend from school who seems to always make his way over here and does what ever when ever because there is no supervision. I am grateful to be able to supervise my children and know where they are at all times. I don't know if any of this even helps, but being a stay at home mom will be one the most rewarding things you will ever be able to do. I hope things will look up for you in the job department as well. Brian struggles with wanting to go to work everyday because he does not like his job, but at the moment he does not have a choice he has a family to support. Hope things look up for you soon. You are a wonderful person. Lets still try and get together sometime. Maybe when it warms up we will have you come down for a bbq. Talk to you later.

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