Baby Animal Day

 I got to babysit my sweet little niece Daphne for a few hours last night. Oh it's so fun! I love her so much!

Also, We went to Baby Animal Days up in Wellsville. I love this so much! Who could pass up on an event where you get to hold a tiny duck, chicken, rabbit & turtle all in one day! AND to be in such a beautiful place as Cache Valley, it's unbeatable!

 Bunn- eh!

This is Greg feeding the ducks. Look how fast they're all running toward him! ha ha!

Well thank you so much everyone for your comments on Stay-at-home mommy-ing. I want it so much. I know theres got to be a way we can do it too. :)

Here in Barber-ville things are going pretty good. Greg starts school next month. He's just starting with one class to get him used to it. He hasn't been in school since high-school, so we thought it best to start smaller. I know he'll do great.

I'm still working at Naartjie. I've been really stressed with it lately. All the people are being nice & I'm improving in my skills, but the workload is increasing by double & I can barely keep up with it as is. That is why you don't see me blogging often. :( :( :(

We're working on getting our building lot sold out in West Point. Then we'll pay off my student loans and get into a house up North a bit. If that happens, I'll probably have to look for work more toward Ogden. So if you know anyone who wants to buy a third of an acre lot in West Point UT let me know. I'd love to be in a place of my own. :)

Well it's midnight-thirty almost & Gregger went to bed hours ago, so I better too. Otherwise I'll be late to one o'clock church! lol.  Talk to you all soon... I hope! :S


Stephanie said…
Awwwww... such sweet little animals! I love Cache valley, too. What a fun little trip. Man--it sounds busy at your work these days. Hope you can manage to keep up. And I only WISH we could buy that lot you have for sale in West Point! I hope you have a happy week!

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