Friday, March 7, 2008

All RIGHT Here I am!!!

Good Friday morning to you all!
I can't sleep, partly cuz I had a long nap today (heaven bless my days of no responsibility!!!) AND it's technically the first unofficial day of spring break and my neighbors are living it up tonight. Man! He is SO loud. They're drunk and playing X-box and I can tell you exactly who is winning and everything they say! Our walls are so thin! Oh well, At least his girlfriend isn't over tonight! lol.

Anyway, I have exciting news.

Okay... Out with it!!!

I have been secretly planning a trip to NYC for 3 months now. Why is it a secret? That's a good question. I think first of all it was a secret because it is going to cost me over a thousand dollars and I didn't want my parents to say I shouldn't do it. lol. Then it turned into this pride thing about how I can never keep a secret for too long so I'm so proud of myself that for 3 whole months I haven't let my parents know. I had to tell Aunt Julie and she didn't know it was a secret and she told Andrea. But those are the only family members who knew until today. :D
I'm so proud of myself! K- I am a geek.

I'm going to tell my parents either later today or on Saturday. Tee Hee. I'm going with the University's Art program and it's earning me 3 credits of upper division art history. A class that I was dreading taking because regardless of how interesting it is, I can't regurgitate that info on a test. In this class all I have to do is go to NYC, look at all the awesome art and architecture and write a little journal about it. AWESOME!!!

Amazing how one can wax so long winded in a blog at nearly 4 in the morning! Okay. I guess I better go take a nap so I can get to class on time! Love you all!

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