Monday, April 7, 2008

Fish and Forebearers

Hi. I'm in a good mood at last.
This weekend I went down to Heber City to check out the place that my 4x great grandfather used to live and work and all that fun stuff. It was great. I am amazed at how much Heber City has grown in the past 4 years! I am so sad that I didn't have enough money several years back and could have purchased some land up there. It is now one of the most expensive places in Utah to get real estate. It is SO beautiful and I feel a strong tie to that place considering that's where GGGG grandpa Lindsay was. If I had the money, I'd buy up a bunch of the land down there to preserve it from overdevelopment. But I don't.

I went and found their graves. They are in the oldest part of the cemetary. Right in the middle by the big trees. I love my family history. I don't know why I feel a stronger tie to the Lindsay line in specific over the others, but I do.

Anyway, I better get back to work with my school assignments. I have a lot to get done before the week is over.


Stephanie said...

I love Heber and Midway, too. And it's funny, but I always have the same thought about land, too! I wish I could buy acres of land somewhere beautiful like Midway and just live in a modest little cottage in the middle of all my acreage. Dreams, dreams. By the time I can ever afford land, there won't be any left! (Can we say pessimistic...)

Good luck with your week. It sure is fun to be in more regular contact with you. Did you get to take pictures of your ggggggrandpa's homestead?

Apryle Moss said...

Brian and I love Heber and Midway also. I would love to live up there. Brian and I have talked about living up there for a long time. Maybe someday. I am glad you are in a better mood. I hope all goes well for you. Have a great week.

Andrea Hardman said...

I got to see the pics at Mom and Dads today. Cool. I loved visiting up there over the weekend. What a cool history that place has. It's fun to have family history in a place that's so jam-packed with cool architecture, craters, and stuff. Anyway, there's a new update on our blog about Brooklyn. Come see.

Craig And Kerri said...

Sound like a pretty cool place, we have never been there, I would like to see the pic's if you get a chance could you email them to me??

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