Friday, March 13, 2009

Barren, but pudgy

I got sick of looking at that picture with the smoker lady. Therefore anyone who reads this has to read some rambling of a young woman on pain killers.

I took some more pictures today. I look at least 3 months pregnant today with all the swelling in my belly! Thankfully I won't have to wait 6 months to look thinner. On the other hand, I also wont have a cute baby of my very own in 6 months. Lucky lucky kid. :) lol. I WILL however, have a degree! And that makes me happy. And this note is RANDOM!!

I'm having a reaction to my surgery or meds or something. My neck glands are all swollen and the skin on the backs of my arms hurts so bad like it has a real bad sunburn on it and somebody scratched it. I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back and tell me if I should be concerned about either condition.

Okay. This is a boring post. But at least you're not left staring at smoker lady. :D

Love ya!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

SSSOOO glad to hear you survived!!! LOL!!! I was thinking of you, so I was glad you'd left us all a note. Are you miserably sore, or are you hanging in there? Why don't you post a picture of your three day belly bulge for all the world to see! I for one would find it extremely intriguing. I will, however, understand if you don't feel like sharing! HAH!! Love you!

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