Thursday, March 26, 2009

Upcoming madness

Well friendly people... we are down to the finish line! Holy cow!!!! I got my graduation cap and gown yesterday and also got suckered into purchasing a framed diploma. Why I oughtta!!!

Anyway, it's done now! And here is a small sampling of what I have to get done before Thursday of next week;
Get business cards printed;
Get resume printed on nice paper;
Finish designing portfolio projects that need to be photographed;
Get said projects printed with raised ink at a print shop;
Hire photographer to take pictures of my portfolio products;
Take photos and design layouts for them;
Get my domain name transferred from one website to another;
Learn how to set up a website at said domain;
reformat ALL portfolio pieces to look good on the web;
Set up website;

There's a ton more, but I feared that I was beginning to bore someone... Certainly I was beginning to strike fear into my own heart. lol.

Anyway, I better stop fooling around on the blog and get to work!!!

Love you all!


elisa moulton family said...

Good luck. Whoo. But it's SO exciting that you are going to be done! Are we going to have a party? Love you :)

Paul and Care said...

Good luck with it all!!

Andrea Hardman said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Sis Boom Ba! Go Heidi, Go Heidi, GO, GO, GO.

(that's also why I was never a cheerleader)

Kimberly said...

Wrap it all up girl, then turn around running and never look back! We're root'n for ya!

Apryle Moss said...

Yeah Heid that is so exciting. I hope you are able to get all that done you are going to be one busy girl. Hip Hip Hooray. I am so glad you have almost made it to the end. (of school that is)

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